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Kaolin: What is it?
Kaolin is an inert, white pigment compound of aluminum silicate that has been used for centuries. Click here to learn more.

Kaolin: What is it used for?
Many different industries – paper, concrete, agriculture and more – can benefit from kaolin. Click here to learn more.

Kaolin Technologies
The versatility of kaolin is demonstrated by the wide range of technologies that incorporate this common mineral. Click here to learn more.

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Kaolin: What is it used for?

Multiple Properties - Multiple Uses

Kaolin is part of our natural world, and its uses are multiple and diverse. Because of its whiteness, fine particle size and plate-like structure, kaolin is suitable as a coating, functional filler, extender, ceramic raw material and pigment. It also holds importance as a raw material in refractory applications, catalysts, concrete and fiber glass. Kaolin is a unique industrial mineral that remains chemically inert over a wide pH range and offers excellent coverage when used as a pigment in coated films.

Current Applications

Select the applications below for more information on how kaolin may benefit your company. If you do not see a particular application or industry, this does not mean that kaolin cannot be used in your situation. Please tell us about your application or need by clicking on the Submit Challenge tab above.


Kaolin has been used in papermaking for many years, both as a coating pigment and as a filler to replace fiber. Kaolin is especially suited for paper applications because it possesses desirable optical properties, is generally chemically inert and is also relatively inexpensive when compared to other minerals. Click here for more information.


Kaorock® is a high quality pozzolanic material that helps to improve strength and durability of concrete and mortars. When added to a concrete mix, Kaorock® reacts with free lime released during cement hydration to produce additional cementitious material, resulting in an improved high performance concrete.

To learn more about Thiele’s metakaolin product, Kaorock®, visit or click here.


Kaolin is widely used as a filler in the plastics industry because of its inert chemical nature and its unique size, shape and structure. In fact, the U.S. plastics and adhesives industries consume up to 125,000 tons of kaolin per year. Click here for more information.


Kaolin is used as a carrier and diluent in fertilizers, pesticides and related products. Due to its platy structure, kaolin is very suitable as a carrier because it aids the retention of the formulation on the plant. Click here for more information.


Kaolin is commonly used as a functional filler in rubber applications. While kaolin improves overall performance for rubber in general, different types of the white pigment play specific roles in rubber applications. Click here for more information.


Kaolin has been used in paints for decades and is commonly included in the extender pigments category. Kaolin is used in paint to: 1) reduce the amount of expensive pigments, such as titanium dioxide; 2) assist with desired rheological properties that help maintain proper dispersion; and 3) provide bulk to the product. Click here for more information.


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